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The Full Story

Born in Sweden outside of Stockholm. Half time spent on a little Island in the very most outside archipelago grown up with a fashination for nature, ocean and light.

Hanna started her career in the film industry directly after high school. Stepping through almost every department before she reached her path trough the camera department.
Working as a camera assistant she worked both in Sweden and internationally with some of the worlds best filmmakers, such as Hoyte van Hoytema, Ruben Östlund, David Fincher, Johan Renck, Fede Alvares, Mikael Håfström and many more with both commercials and feature films.

Through her years at both camera and lighting departments she developed a nerdy technical interest and a practical skill of knowing how to lead her crew.
She has experience with both small and large film sets all over the world, with leading and working on multi camera and VFX heavy productions.

Hanna is always dedicated to her task. She believes that the more prepared you are before the shoot, the more room for flexibility there is on set.
With her technical knowledge and broad experience she is devoted to taking on projects, no matter the size.

Upcoming work narrative:

Deliver me - AspVarhos for Netflix

Dir. Anna Zachrisson DoP Andreas Lennartsson

B-cam operator. Hanna Kriisa

Stockholm Bloodbath - Viaplay Studios

Dir. Mikael Håfström DoP Pär M Ekberg

2nd unit DoP and camera operator. Hanna Kriisa

Paus Short film

Dir. Johanna Hedberg and Frida Thelin

DoP. Hanna Kriisa

Taelgia - Filmlance/Garagefilm for SVT

Dir. Jens Östberg DoP. Petrus Sjövik

2nd unit DoP and camera operator. Hanna Kriisa



Guldbaggen - Audience awards best film 2022

Väx upp short film

Selected to short film corner Cannes film festival 2022

Hangry short film

Nominated to Startsladden 2019

Import short film

Selected at Stockmotion 2019


Circle K, Spotify, Ecologica, Svenska spel, Viasat, Giving people, Save the Children, Vera & John, Bluestep, Bank1, Epic games, Leos Lekland, Operan, Endwarts, Plan international, Folksam, Storasyster


Nanna Påskesen, Eric Widerdahl, Ella Lemhagen, Eddie Åhgren, Sam Wrench, Mikael Håfström, Colin Nutley, James Marryman, Baillie Walsh, Molly Nutley, Rojda Sekersöz, Adam Pålsson, Pär M Ekberg, Filip Hammarström, Henrik Björn, Philip Martin, Johan Ring, Pontus Klänge, Lisa Farzaneh, Anna Zackrisson, Sanne Bornesten, Ottilia Wahl, Karl Torstensson, Frida Thelin, Johanna Hedberg, Jens Östberg, Patrik Dunard, Simon Kaijser, Kristian Petri, Henrik Heinzinger, Magnus Rehnfors, Nådde Hansson, Johannes Persson, Alexandra Kentsdottir, Sam Safinia, Morgan Norman, Olof Spaak, Joakim Eliasson

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